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Whether you need the content of your existing site refreshed or an entirely new site created, the design team is here to help. When we started hosting back in 2005 we hadn't planned on having a design team in-house. Yet, after several clients contacted us for minor changes to their site, we decided we might as well build a design team into the company to better serve our existing clients. For a long time we only focused on existing client work, but today we are open to all.

We specialize in small scale development, site tweaks, and template modification (or "redesign"), but are fully capable of building sites from scratch as well. Because we have decided to specialize in redesign and modifications, we can offer some of the lowest prices for these services around. For example, we can build an entire site from a template starting at $400. We can do complete Wordpress sites starting at $500. And we can modify just about anything for significantly less.

If you are interested in our design services, contact support for a more detailed quote. If looking for the least cost solution, you may also want to browse some templates before hand. Here are some helpful sites for that:
Template Monster
Theme Forest (you want a "Site template")

Sugar CRM

We now offer customizations for Sugar CRM!

One of the most popular Customer Relationship Management system, Sugar CRM has both free open-source and paid versions. We work with Sugar on a regular basis and can help you with things such as initial setup, theme development, usability tweaks, module customizations, and more. In fact, we offer a few pre-built themes for sale and immediate download in our order cart.

If you need any help with Sugar CRM, please reach out to our support team and get a quote today!

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